In the Duma proposed to reform the procurement of essential medicines

To buy by brand

Spravoross Michael Yemelyans submitted to the state Duma the amendments on the reform of the public procurement system of medicines. He proposed to exclude from the law “On contract system in procurement” requirement on the purchase of medicines under international non-proprietary name active substance (INN). This requirement allows officials to choose the medicines at a price that is not focusing on their market name and manufacturer.

The exception to the norm, obliging the state to purchase drugs only according to INN, will lead to the procurement of medicines for their market names, says development Director of the analytical company RNC Pharma Nikolay Bespalov. This will untie the hands of unfair participants of gostorg, will lead to restriction of competition on the market and will trigger the appearance of corruption schemes, he said.

“Hardly the appearance of such a bill was possible without the lobbying efforts of the pharmaceutical companies that invested in promotion of its brands. Today, they faced serious pressure from the manufacturers of cheaper drugs, but to lose the market don’t want,” sums up Bespalov.

A bill lobbied by representatives of large foreign pharmaceutical business, agrees the General Director of the Russian pharmaceutical company BIOCAD Dmitry Morozov. The transition for the purchase of medicines by brands will lead to increase in the prices of medicines and, consequently, to inappropriate use of the budget for medicines.

Interchangeability of drugs

In the last few years the Russian legislation has sought to establish in the pharmaceutical market the principle of complete interchangeability of medicines, says project Manager pharmaceutical company Vegas Lex Maria Borzova. This principle implies the possibility of substituting one drug to another within the same active substance. Therefore, the bill will radically change current enforcement practice, it sums up.

International nonproprietary name (INN) is the name of the main active ingredient of the medicine. It is used to harmonize drugs in medical practice.

Trade name (TN) — the name assigned to the medicine manufacturer. Within the same INN can be represented by dozens of different trade names.

The choice of drug to treat the patient, it is solely the prerogative of the doctor, I’m sure the President of the League of defenders of patients Alexander Saversky.

“The doctor determines what the patient observes the action of the drug, and can replace it. The definition of interchangeability by the administrative limits of the physician in the choice of drugs leads to the violation of the rights and interests of patients ‘ health,” he says. The current system leads to the fact that the patient gets the cheapest medication, not that he really needs, indicates Saversky.

The Deputy Yemelyanov said that in recent times has made a few bills, and finds it difficult to remember what kind of document it is. In the explanatory note to the amendment stated that the provision on the purchase of medicines for INN blurs “the principle of the unity of the contract system” because it sets specific requirements for only one type of goods.

Biological products

My opinion on the purchase of certain types of medicines in their brands was prepared by experts of the Institute of legislation and comparative law under the government (SISP). Market name must be procured biological medicines such as blood products, vaccines, insulins, allergens, etc., and drugs for rare (orphan) diseases, they suggest. Later in the SISP said that the Institute’s experts do not advocate reforming the existing system of public procurement, but merely Express the opinion on this question, offering various options for dealing with it.

Question about the purchase of a number of drugs on the market names appeared together on the law “On the contract system” and its norm about the purchase of drugs at the INN in 2014, says Bespalov from the RNC. He immediately caused a lot of controversy, in the end, the decision was made to create a list of drugs that can be purchased by brands. But this list was never formed, Bespalov summarises.

Purchase certain types of drugs by their market names common international practice, says Borzov of Vegas Lex. Doctors prescribe biological drugs only brand in the UK, Australia, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Sweden and other countries. But this principle is not universal, it sums up.

For amendments Emel meets the Duma Committee on economic policy, industry, innovative development and entrepreneurship. Co-executor was appointed the state Duma Committee on health protection. It is headed by a pediatric surgeon Dmitry Morozov. He reported that he had not seen the text of the bill.