Kazakh businessman has received 21 year of a colony for attempt of coup d’etat

Specialized Interdistrict military court of Astana has sentenced businessman Tokhtar Tuleshov, a defendant in a number of serious articles, including in the coup attempt, a 21-year imprisonment and confiscation of property, reports Tengrinews.kz.

The court found that Tuleshov for a long time maintained contact and provided financial support to leaders and authorities, transnational criminal community “brotherly circle” and had subordinate to more than 90 armed and trained fighters.

According to investigators, in the case of the successful implementation of their plans Tuleshov expected through the controlled administrative resources to resolve the problem of the return of large Bank debt and to maintain the position of his family and his business.

The Director of Shymkent brewery Tuleshov was arrested in late January 2016 in Shymkent, during the operation seized several packages of weapons. In early February, he was arrested for committing a number of grave and especially grave crimes, including for preparing to seize power in Kazakhstan.

As claimed by the Kazakh authorities in December 2015 Tuleshov has financed the protests last spring were held in many cities of the country. An unsanctioned rally began in the city of Atyrau. The participants spoke out against government plans to allow foreigners to lease agricultural land for a long time.