Russia and Tajikistan agreed to continue flights

The government of Tajikistan on the negotiations with the Russian Ministry of transport agreed to continue flights, informs “RIA Novosti”. It will be continued in full volume, told the news Agency the representative of the Ministry.

“The sides reached agreement to continue to develop air traffic between the two countries in full,” — said the Agency interlocutor, adding that “the flights of airlines from Russia Zhukovsky agreed.

As it became known in early November, Russia threatened to Tajikistan to suspend air traffic. This was reported by “Kommersant” with reference to sources in the industry and information Ministry of transport. Subsequently, this data was confirmed in the office. The cause of the conflict was the refusal Dushanbe to agree on the appointment on flights of Russian airlines from the airport Zhukovsky.

Its position in Tajikistan explained that the launch of a new airport near Moscow will lead to a unilateral increase in Russia the number of carriers and frequency of flights between Moscow, Dushanbe and Khujand. In Montrose felt that Tajikistan thus violates the intergovernmental agreement on air communication.

The Ministry of transport, in particular, stated that if the position of the aviation authorities of Tajikistan on flights from Zhukovsky does not change, in order to prevent the infringement of the rights Russian airlines Moscow may suspend flights to Tajikistan from 00:00 November 8, 2016.

Zhukovskiy airport was built on the base airfield of the Flight test Institute. Gromov — chief of the Soviet aviation test Institute. The official opening ceremony was held in may 2016. The first flight from Zhukovsky, adopted 12 Sep.