The representative Timchenko commented on the report on “the near circle” of Putin

In the expert report, holding “Minchenko Consulting” “Politburo 2.0″: the dismantling or reboot?” was said about the reduction in the activity of Timchenko on the strategic direction and output of the inner circle of President Vladimir Putin. The representative of the businessman, the Director of communications Volga Group Anton Corewin said that “not ready to say that on some of their strategic directions he [Timchenko] has reduced its activity”.

“He [Timchenko] continues to be an active participant in business processes taking place in the country”, — said Corewin.

Timchenko “active on the areas that he was entrusted with: the Russian-Chinese business Council, he was recently appointed honorary Consul of the Republic of Serbia in St. Petersburg”, — he stressed.

According to Kurevina, “it [the thesis that Timchenko left the inner circle of Putin] are all relative concepts.” The representative of the Volga Group is suggested not to speculate on what the “inner circle” of the President, and added that Gennady Timchenko “can be externally and the media is not very noticeable, but does what it is supposed to do.”

Monday, November 7, the communication holding “Minchenko Consulting” published report “Politburo 2.0″: the dismantling or restart?”, which describes the informal group of the most influential officials and businessmen of the country. According to experts, the former head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov and the head of the Volga Group Gennady Timchenko left the inner circle of President Vladimir Putin’s “Politburo 2.0”.