In the Duma called on the authorities to return the indexation of pensions to working pensioners

To revisit the issue of indexation of pensions to working pensioners, the government recommended that the Duma committees on labor and economic policy. Labor Committee wrote in the report on the draft budget of the Pension Fund for the 2017-2019 years, the economic policy Committee — opinion on the draft Federal budget for the next three years (both documents are published in the parliamentary basis of legislation).

The Committee on ekonompolitike has stood up for working pensioners, whose wages do not exceed 12 thousand roubles (the salary is even less than the national average old-age pension, which in 2016 is about 13 thousand roubles). The MPs recommended that the government consider the possibility to increase their pensions for inflation, as provided for pensioners. “Budgetary and tax policy should be involved in the process of improving the quality of human capital, to consider the interests of socially vulnerable layers of the population”, — said in the conclusion of this Committee.

Labor Committee calls on the authorities to return the annual indexation of pensions to working pensioners receiving pension insurance. Recommendation deputies motivate “the current socio-economic situation in the country.”

In 2016, at the initiative of the government of the pensions to working pensioners in Russia for the first time not indexed. The decision was justified by the economic difficulties and, consequently, increasing the budget deficit. Alternatively, this decision was considered, in particular, the complete failure of the state to pay pensions to working people, reminded the head of the Pension Fund Anton Drozdov. The Duma voted to stop the indexation of these pensions, but the measure was presented as a temporary, parliamentarians do not expect that its action will be extended, explained earlier at the meeting of the Committee on labor, the first Deputy Director, a United Russia Deputy Mikhail Tarasenko. However, the Pension Fund budget in 2017 are laid out without considering indexation of pensions to working pensioners, it expenditure provides only indexing 5.8% of the pensions of retirees, indicated in the conclusion of the Committee on labor.

For voters, the failure to index pensions to working pensioners was a sensitive issue, it was raised at many meetings with voters during the election campaign to the state Duma (the elections were held in September 2016), supported the colleague the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on labor, also United Russia Valentina Kabanova. Along with other government decisions — about another freeze indexation of salaries of civil servants, military, police and judges, as well as a number of benefits, the decision to extend the freeze of the indexation of pensions to working pensioners do not contribute to the increase in the purchasing power of the population, and, accordingly, growth of economy, says Tarasenko.