Media reported about the plans of Obama to fire the head of the FBI after the scandal with Clinton

The source of the newspaper the Daily Mail in the White house says that Obama was furious after the decision of the head of the FBI for 11 days before the election to reopen the investigation against Clinton in connection with the use of her personal email to send official letters. However, the President was not going to dismiss the Komi Republic, for fear of being accused of pressuring the justice.

The publication indicates that to persuade Obama to agree to the dismissal of Komi after the election, succeeded his adviser Valerie Jarrett. The interlocutor of the newspaper claims that the conversation on this subject continued for several hours.

Garett pointed out to Obama that he has the right to dismiss Komi because he intervened in the election campaign. Besides, she convinced the President that the decision to dismiss the head of the FBI will be supported by both the Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress.

The publication claims that Komi may leave his post without waiting for the decree Obama, since many of the FBI (including his deputies) believe that the head has damaged the reputation of the Department.

As US Secretary of state, Clinton, in violation of rules used personal mail server for official correspondence. After this information became public, the scandal broke, the FBI began investigating the case. Clinton argued that did not conduct a secret correspondence with this server. Clinton handed over to the authorities the contents of the server, but some emails she deleted, explaining that it was a personal correspondence. Since then, several times there were reports about the discovery of new portions of emails from the server, the former head of the state Department.

In July, U.S. attorney General Loretta Lynch stated that it had accepted the recommendations of the FBI and has decided not to indict in the case of private email correspondence with Hillary Clinton when he was head of the US state Department. “I have received and adopted the recommendations of the FBI that continued for about a year a comprehensive investigation should be closed and no charges to anyone within the scope of this investigation are not present”, — the statement said Lynch.

28 Oct Komi has reported to Congress about the discovery of new mails from the server of Clinton and the beginning of their study. Herself former head of the state Department called the decision “unprecedented”, as Komi said this a week before the end of the presidential campaign.

On the eve of the Komi Republic, told Congress that the Agency decided not to bring Clinton to justice.