The Central Bank accuses banks lost their licenses in the withdrawal of assets worth billions of rubles

The Bank of Russia presented the results of temporary administrations of banks “the Credit-Moscow” Promregionbank and Mostransavto, which this year had their licenses revoked. As follows from the materials of the regulator, before the revocation of licenses of banks brought the assets for a few billion. The regulator in this regard, appealed to the Prosecutor General, interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee.

Bank “Credit-Moscow” has lost the license on 22 July, by assignment of rights of claim under loan agreements brought more than 1.8 billion rubles Credit organization also banked the money by disposal of owned real estate, said the Central Bank. In addition to the revocation of the license of “Credit-Moscow” has bought securities of companies with dubious creditworthiness more than 4.3 billion rubles.

Promregionbank, whose license was revoked on may 30, brought more than 5.4 billion RUB. through the provision of non-performing loans to legal entities, replacement of liquid loan debt on rights of claims against the company with questionable solvency, or purchase illiquid securities, stated in the message controller.

Mostraban, which the Central Bank revoked the license on may 5, led to about 2 billion roubles through clearing accounts controlled by and associated with the former management and owners of Bank companies, as well as by issuing loans to borrowers with questionable creditworthiness.

The “hole” in the capital

The negative capital of the Bank “Credit-Moscow” is 5.6 billion rubles, follows from materials of the Central Bank. Thus, the cost of the Bank’s assets does not exceed 804 million rubles, while the liabilities 6.4 bn, of which deposits of natural persons accounted for 5.2 billion rubles as of July (the month when the license has been terminated), the Bank took the 280-th place by volume of assets in ranking of portal “”.

The “hole” in the capital of Promregionbank, according to the Central Bank, is RUB 5.1 billion the Value of its assets does not exceed RUB 1.9 billion in the value of the liabilities to creditors in 7 billion rubles, while deposits of individuals amount to 3.7 billion rubles as of may the Bank held the 346-th place, according to “the”.

The excess of liabilities over assets of Mortransbunker is 2.79 billion. the Value of its assets is 0.21 billion to 3 billion rubles liabilities, where 2.3 billion rubles deposits of individuals. As of may he held 519-th place by assets, according to “the”.

Problem top managers

Leadership and Promregionbank “Credit-Moscow” interfere with the work of the provisional administrations from the first day of their introduction, according to the materials of the Central Bank.

In particular, top managers of Promregionbank not handed over to the interim administration the originals of credit contracts by 2.6 billion roubles, and contracts of assignment of rights requirements. Top managers and owners of the “Credit-Moscow” has not passed the provisional administration of originals of credit contracts by more than 640 million rubles, said the regulator.