The Finance Ministry has proposed to exempt babysitters and Tutors from taxes for two years

The Ministry of Finance has prepared amendments to the Tax code that propose to exempt some self-employed people paying taxes and insurance premiums until 2019. The amendments considered yesterday by the government Commission on legislative activities, they should be considered by the state Duma in the second reading together with the previously submitted package of amendments to the Tax code, said two participants of the meeting.

To release two years of taxes and sotsvznosov offers Tutors, housekeepers, nannies and caregivers. To obtain a temporary right to zero rate taxes and contributions, samsenethai will need to inform FNS about the implementation of these activities. The amendments of the Ministry of Finance proposed to apply this rule to income received in 2017 and 2018.

The amendments imply that from 2019 legalized Tutors, babysitters and housekeepers begin to pay personal income tax on their income, and their employers, accordingly, will pay premiums for these workers, say the experts from the office of the business Ombudsman, who wrote to the Ministry’s initiative negative feedback (have).

In September the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the meeting of the Council for strategic development and priority projects proposed that self-employed citizens did not pay taxes within the next two to three years. Then the President noted that the self-employed remain in the shadows in order to deal with the bureaucracy, with extortion, with constant checks and loads.

Experts of the interdepartmental group on this issue established in April 2015 have developed the bill where it is proposed to introduce the Institute of self-employed in the form of “individual entrepreneurs without the right of employment.” The bill proposed to establish a minimum value of a patent for the self-employed at the level of 10 thousand rubles. a year: this amount includes social contributions and the amount of tax determined in the zero size. In the version of the law proposed by the interdepartmental Commission was supposed to extend it by 45 types of activities and payment of the patent to carry out a single payment. The bill was sent to the government, but on consideration in the state Duma have not got, says Anastasia Alekhnovich, head of the Expert center under the Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, who participated in drafting the bill.

In a research note to the amendments of the Ministry of Finance on the self-employed, prepared by experts of the center, stated that the proposals of the Ministry of Finance did not withdraw the self-employed from the shadows, and the new regime will move only those who are already engaged in patents. According to FNS on July 1, 2016, in Russia 313 issued patents on the provision of services for cleaning and housekeeping, 5677 patents on the provision of services for tutoring and 1453 of the patent for the provision of services for the supervision and care of children and the sick.

“After a two-year grace period will come back “normal” rate of insurance fees (23 thousand rubles a year plus personal income tax), and information on persons providing such services and attract domestic workers, tax and social funds remain. Given existing distrust of government and fears possible consequences of “carrot does not work,” — said in a research note. It is unknown what rules of the game will be after these two years, says Alekhnovich, — the bill of the Ministry of Finance is not spelled out.

“Given the fact that taxes and insurance premiums for the specified [in the bill of the Ministry of Finance] category paid by the employer, the Treasury actually proposed two-year exemption for the wealthy middle class of the city of Moscow and Moscow region to save on housekeepers” — experts from the office of the Commissioner for human entrepreneurs Boris Titov.

The proposed Finance mechanism does not solve the problem of legalization of millions of self-employed, says the multiplex. “Moreover, there are risks to unprotected workers in those areas offered by the Ministry. Employers can get employees to re-sign labor contracts now in the status of self-employed, but they themselves self-employed for two years will lose their rights in the accumulation of pensions and of contributions to the HIF,” she said.

According to Rosstat, the number of self-employed people (that is in fact the shadow labour market) is 14.5 million people; by the Ministry of economic development and 16.1 million people; according to experts of Russian Academy of — about 30 million people.