The U.S. DHS announced about the possible impact of hackers on the outcome of the election

As Fox News reports, citing data from the U.S. DHS report dated 20 September, intelligence agencies learned how the different elements of the American electoral system can be vulnerable to hackers. The most vulnerable base of voters. In addition, cybercriminals can influence the dissemination of unofficial results of the vote.

According to experts, the manipulation of the unofficial election results will not affect the final result, however, can undermine people’s faith in its truth.

In the document it is noted that in various States of threat differ because of the peculiarities of the electoral system and computer technology.

The interference of hackers in the election became one of the main themes of the election campaign in the United States. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton claimed to support the Russian intelligence services, hackers broke into the servers of the Democratic party.

Moscow has repeatedly rejected Washington’s accusation of interference in the election campaign.

U.S. elections will begin on 8 November. Main candidates for President are former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and billionaire Donald trump, representing the Republican party.