The US has accused Russia of a ban to monitor the elections

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow received a note in which, as reported earlier, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, contains a warning on not allowing American diplomats to monitor elections in Russia. American diplomats claim that statements about the limitations of the access of Russian observers at polling stations unfounded.

According to the press Secretary of the Embassy Maria Olsen, Russian observers, including employees of the Russian diplomatic missions in the United States, were invited to the polling stations in the OSCE mission. “Russia decided not to participate,” she said (quoted by “RIA Novosti”). Olsen added that note to the Russian foreign Ministry was received by the Embassy on October 26.

The representative of the foreign Ministry of Russia Maria Zakharova said that in recent days has been “the facts of direct pressure on the Russian overseas agencies in the U.S. by FBI agents who with undisguised threat was given to understand that the us elections we should be interested in”. According to her, in Houston, “to make such “warning” was arranged a special operation in the style of Hollywood action with blocking the road car of the employee of our Consulate General”.

In addition, the foreign Ministry spokesman reminded on the note of the state Department with the recommendation that the Russian diplomats warned against the appearance at the polls on election day, the President of the United States. “The state Department memo recommended that the Russian representatives “themselves not to come to the polling stations”, and the authorities of some States went even further and threatened with criminal prosecution. That is, even look at the voting procedure is impossible”, — said Zakharov.

On Tuesday, Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow has drawn conclusions and a few days ago, “the official warned by the U.S. Embassy in Moscow that the American side should not count on the possibility of the presence of the diplomats of the missions of the United States — embassies and General consulates accredited in Russia, elections that will be held in Russia.” We are talking about a diplomatic note, he said.

Speaking on the Zakharova case in Houston, Ryabkov noted that this is not the only case, which suggests that the “representatives of power structures of the US administration not shun any methods in order to cut off the Russian representatives the opportunity to assess conditions for the elections”.