“A surprise for the whole world”: what he thinks of the Russian business about winning trump

Boris Titov, presidential Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs:

“Victory trump was a surprise for the whole world. This failure of the old economy based on financial instruments in the stock market. Trump will contribute to real production, small and medium business where there is real competition and the free market. Will be a simplification of the economy, will be measured in tons, not in financial terms. Will be a serious decline of the dollar, oil goes down. Trump will engage in an active dialogue with Russia in third countries, also expect the improvement of relations between our countries, we should expect a more dynamic process to cancel the sanctions, but certainly not new” ().

Alexei Kudrin, ex-Finance Minister, head of the Council of the Centre for strategic research:

“Despite some statements by trump on economy issues, it depends on the existing system. It will “smooth out” his ambiguous intentions” (original spelling) (Twitter).

Oleg Tinkov, owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Tinkoff Bank”:

“Like me, it’s a stupid and blinkered mediocrity was considered a clown. A pair of poorly spoken phrases does not negate his entrepreneurial genius and fortitude. I’m sure that’s something you will represent the interests of ordinary people than fat aunt from a bureaucratic family who went there for the benefits. I hope the mafia won’t kill him like Kennedy. Today the world has become a little better. I hope we have the rhetoric and the attitude towards US will change” (spelling and punctuation of the author saved) (Instagram).

Igor Yurgens, an economist and Chairman of Institute of contemporary development (INSOR):

“The entire Russian campaign the conversation was sort of aimed at support of trump. It’s not they may not be assessed. Personally, I’m skeptical about winning person because faced with his business in the USA. It’s basically gambling, real estate, and not the cleanest. In any case four years, given the age and everything else — it will be a one term President <…> in his words, accelerate the lifting of sanctions will not follow. He explained that the decision of the Congress of the Senate and until then no border will be restored, no decree of the President of this I can not restore”.

Alexei Ulyukayev, Minister of economic development:

“I think what happened in America today — unexpected, maloideae the outcome of the election is in a sense a revolt, an uprising of those who work, create value, who feeds against anyone who interferes with their work, to live and feed normally. This is a very important signal, I think. Everyone should consider the political class has to give back to the class of producers — those who work, create value” (TASS).

Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian direct investment Fund:

“We believe that the election of Donald trump President of the United States will be positive not only for Russia but also for the global market. Entrepreneurial experience trump can provide significant improvement of economic performance and institutions in the US and their focus on creating jobs, and strengthening cooperation with other countries through a more pragmatic and honest approach” ().

Aras Agalarov, President of Crocus Group:

“I think there’s been some kind of miracle, because all American car, the whole administrative resource has been honed to he (trump) has not passed <…> I think that since trump became President, it is [the joint projects Agalarov and trump] is excluded. Man, when he begins to engage in politics, not very likely to do business” (TASS).