Analysts have called Russia the main beneficiary of the victory trump

“Russia looks the most obvious beneficiary elected Donald trump President of the United States,” — says chief economist of “Renaissance Capital” Charles Robertson in a note to clients (have), pointing out that Moscow appears to hope for the easing of us sanctions in 2017. Global implications of trump’s victory would benefit Russia agrees strategist at research firm Ecstrat Mostak Emad (Emad Mostaque) because the future administration of trump may cancel the sanctions, “as a gesture of appeasement.”

The prospect of easing sanctions — the main idea of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg. Sanctions may be reduced in the coming months “that will allow Russian companies are freer to Fund the business,” said the London investment Director in the emerging markets Barings Plc Michael levy. “There are real reasons for a positive attitude towards Russian assets — particularly the easing of sanctions, which was absolutely impossible under the presidency of Clinton,” said Joseph Dayan of the London office of BCS.

The index of the Moscow stock exchange Micex, as of 14:37 MSK increased by 1%, and in leaders of growth — shares of companies which are under U.S. sanctions. Sberbank shares rose 1.6%, VTB — on 1,5%, “Rosneft” — on 0,8% (to these U.S. companies have limited access to Finance), the quotations of “Gazprom” and LUKOIL (under sectoral technological sanctions) rose 2.6% and 0.6%, respectively.

Trump said that if elected President, will consider recognition of Crimea as part of Russia and the lifting of economic sanctions against Russian companies and industries. The American media throughout the election campaign has been active in developing the theme of possible relationships trump with Moscow, including speculation about what the Kremlin is counting on trump as his “agent of influence” and that the Russian special services got enough dirt on him. However, the FBI has investigated this topic and found no ties trump with the Russian authorities.

President Vladimir Putin today sent Trump a congratulatory telegram, which “expressed the hope that joint efforts to develop Russian-American relations out of crisis”.

Although the victory trump has hit the prices of risky assets, including oil, Russia “relatively adapted to low oil prices at the corporate level”, the company’s oil and gas sector are underestimated, it indicates Mostak from Ecstrat. In the geopolitical context of a trump presidency would mean more isolationism and less American intervention in foreign Affairs that would weaken NATO and strengthen the relative position of Russia in Europe, he said. “It would compel the Eurozone to detente with Russia and is likely to lead to the lifting of European sanctions, because US support is no longer guaranteed,” he writes.

EMEA “the ruble is more likely to benefit from the potential acquiescing to Putin’s regime on the part of trump, and the reinstallation of the regional balance of power in favor of Russia,” wrote Societe Generale analysts (quoted by Bloomberg).