Clinton made his first speech after election defeat

The Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton gave a speech after the victory of his rival Donald trump.

The congregation met Clinton with applause. She thanked them for their support.

“Last night, I congratulated Donald trump, and offered to work with him for the benefit of our country. I hope he will be President for the whole of our country,” she said.

She also apologized for the fact that they did not win elections to “set aside the values that we all share.” “You represent the best there is in America and to be your candidate has been the greatest honor of my life. I know you are disappointed because I feel the same way”, she continued.

The victory in the presidential election was won by the Republican candidate Donald trump. He scored more than the required 270 electoral votes. Trump has already made a victory speech. In it, he said that Hillary Clinton called him and congratulated on the victory. Trump also thanked Clinton for a “very strong campaign” and noted a “heavy” fight shown by her in the presidential race.