Gref promised to transform the savings Bank in the “financial ecosystem”

The Supervisory Board of Sberbank has approved the transformation of the credit institution in the “financial ecosystem” to the end of 2018, told reporters the head of the Bank German Gref at a meeting of the Council on Tuesday. “In General, the Supervisory Board approved the idea of turning the Bank into the ecosystem. The final decision will be made after the submission of our new strategy [2019-2023 years],” said Gref.

“We are creating a fundamentally new platform, which has until the end of 2018 to complete. We are moving in the framework of the plan, a number of services we have already implemented,” — said Gref.

According to him, in the creation of an ecosystem will be used the concept of open source, which implies the incorporation into the platform of the savings Bank of the various partners. They can use open data and codes of the Bank.

“The concept of open source, open source, gives us the opportunity to constantly be on the crest of innovation. We use open source solutions that hundreds of thousands of participants is constantly modified, and we have access to them,” added Gref.

He noted that Sberbank has plans for the withdrawal of the ecosystem to external markets. “The platform that we create is universal. It allows us to operate in any markets. There is one “but” — it sanctions. Sanctions in our international activities we are prevented,” — declared the head of Sberbank.

Previously, the newspaper “Kommersant” wrote that the Bank is working on the launch of national ecosystems. It is expected that the project will provide services to consumers and business in various fields. According to Bank calculations, by 2025 the volume of the economy an ecosystem can be 65 trillion.

The head of Sberbank said that the Bank is considering a partnership through the creation of ecosystems with companies such as “Yandex” and Mail.Ru. “With regard to “Yandex”, is our very close partner. We are a shareholder of Yandex, we have a joint business with him, and we believe the company is a technology leader in the country. We discuss the extension of our partnership with one (“Yandex”. — ) and the other (Mail.Ru. — ) companies”, — said Gref.

“We identified their future: platform organization with a developed ecosystem around. And part of the system is our child the services businesses where we are involved, it is also independent of the company may be small, medium-sized companies get access immediately to a large volume of data and large volume clients,” — “Interfax” the words of Gref.

As explained by the head of Sberbank, the platform is built from open API (application programming interface, application programming interface). In addition, it should include the following components: open source (software open source), cloud, mode support in memory processing format (open data). Also the platform should be based on deep learning (machine learning algorithms) and artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence). “Many companies want to connect to it. It is important to have not only a platform that can access the data factory for big data Analytics, but also have access to customers,” he said.

asked several experts to perform components of the future platform. Chief editor of IT publication TAdviser Alexander Levashov said that, judging by the description, Sberbank wants to create a platform like Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android, which will appear in the application. “Sberbank is not the first player from the financial sector who undertakes such attempts, — said he. For example, such a path is holding “Open”, which forms the ecosystem of services around its core business of banking — for online banking, for accounting outsourcing via the Internet.”

As Gref said that Sberbank is negotiating partnerships with such companies as Yandex and Mail.Ru Group. In a press-service “Yandex” have refused comments. The representative of the press service Mail.Ru Group said they would be happy to cooperate with the largest Bank of Russia as “the biggest platform in the Internet from the point of view of the audience, and card users.”

Last week, German Gref were present at the meeting with participation of President Vladimir Putin on issues of Internet Commerce. Among other things the President has said that he considers important “to Russia he worked his strong and authoritative platform for e-Commerce,” he said in the transcript of the introductory part. Including this should allow more effectively and to promote domestic goods and services to foreign markets, the President said.

The head of the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) Alexei Fedorov welcomed the creation of a single aggregator, which will be the unifying platform for a large number of Russian manufacturers. It is assumed that data it will then transfer to a leading international marketplace, Alibaba, Amazon, Rakuten and others.

“The aggregator will determine the demand for Russian goods abroad without expensive marketing costs,” — said Fedorov. He believes that the Bank could become more like an aggregator. “But that would be weird. Sberbank as a huge building could become a marketplace for work with government agencies of other countries”, — said the head of the AKITA. According to Alexander Levashov, in the field of Internet Commerce, the role of savings can be a basic as payment systems, around which will develop startups.