Hackers stole money from 20 thousand accounts of the British Tesco Bank

The hackers in the attack on the British Tesco Bank, owned by supermarket chain Tesco, stole the money of 20 thousand accounts of customers of a financial institution. On Monday said the head of the Bank’s benny Higgins, reports Reuters.

The Bank was forced to suspend the online transaction until you will not recover control of the situation, said Higgins. Tesco Bank customers are still able to use the card to make purchases in stores and withdraw cash at ATMs, he said.

The Bank uncovered suspicious activity with approximately 40 thousand accounts over the weekend, said the banker. According to him, the funds were stolen from about half of the affected accounts. Damage from hackers at the Bank has not yet evaluated. According to Higgins, Tesco Bank about 8 million customers, so “the figure will be large, but not enormous.”

Tesco Bank was established in 1997 and originally belonged to the supermarket chain Tesco is only half. Subsequently, the retailer bought out the remaining share in The Royal Bank of Scotland and became the sole shareholder of the Bank.