In Chuvash Republic the activist was summoned to the police for repost photos Milanova

In Chuvash Republic the opposition candidate in the elections to the state Duma from “Open Russia” Dmitry Semenov called the police for the repost in 2014, photos of MP Vitaly Milonov t-shirt with the slogan “Orthodoxy or death”. The slogan recognized as inciting ethnic hatred and included in the Federal list of extremist materials.

Now Semenov finishes to give explanations to the police Department and is going to go to court, the activist told. Against the opposition, a Protocol under article 20.29 of the administrative code “the Production and distribution of extremist materials”, said Semyonov.

“The staff did not explain what they did not like this particular picture. In documents it is written that on 3 November, the FSB suddenly wanted pomonitorit social network and stumbled upon my post,” explained the opposition leader.

The opposition connects the pressure from his public-political activity — November 11 in Finland will be opened the founding conference of the “Open Russia”, which invited including Semenov. The Congress will be attended by the Creator of the “Open Russia” Mikhail Khodorkovsky. During the election campaign Semenov and his propagandists, according to former presidential candidate, has repeatedly made administrative reports for violation of rules of conduct of the pickets.

Lawyer Semenova Alexey Glukhov said that the Chuvash activists constantly draw for reposts in social networks: “to Compete and activists, and just the youth take over the swastika, and for posts in LJ”. According to him, a matter of Semenova is now engaged in the Chuvash Department of the Center for combating extremism of the interior Ministry, which the FSB has previously submitted the certificate of inspection page in the social network and CD-ROM with screenstate.