Obama gave a speech after winning trump in the election

President Barack Obama delivered a speech in which he congratulated Donald trump to victory in the presidential election.

He indicated that he and trump have a “significant discrepancies”, but stressed that eight years ago when he was first elected President, he was also discrepancies in views with George Bush.

However, Obama said that “now we are all rooting for his success in the unification and management of the country” and “peaceful transfer of power is one of the cornerstones of our democracy and within a few months we are going to show it to the world.”

Speaking about the results of the election, Obama said that “young people who only got into politics can be discouraged by the results, but I want to let you know, you have to stay inspired and not become cynical.” The current President of the United States stated that the loss of the supported side of the elections is always a sad event, but the next day after announcement of results we must remember that “we are a team, first and foremost, we are not Democrats, not Republicans, as Americans and patriots,” therefore, you must try to do everything possible to improve life in the country.

He also said that the US needs “unity, openness and respect for institutions.”

After trump gave 289 electoral votes with 270 needed. His rival from the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton enlisted the support of 218 electors. Another night, she personally called the mayor and congratulated him on his election victory, admitting his defeat.

Earlier in the day Obama congratulated trump on the victory. According to the campaign Manager of trump Kellian Conway, policy held a “very warm conversation”. The incumbent can meet with trump already November 10.

In his speech, announced several hours after the recognition of the trump of his victory, Clinton apologized to supporters for the defeat in the elections and congratulated the billionaire with a victory.

“You represent the best there is in America and to be your candidate has been the greatest honor of my life. I know you are disappointed because I feel the same way”, she said.

Clinton urged to uphold the rule of law and the equality of people. In her opinion, “the American dream is big enough for everyone: for men, women, LGBT and people with disabilities”.