The beginning of a period of uncertainty: as world leaders praised the victory trump

The beginning of a period of uncertainty: as world leaders praised the victory trump

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that after two terms of Democrats to power in the US again came the Republicans, and said that now for the Americans, a new period begins. He also expressed hope that the arrival of trump’s “will cause a positive change for the world in the fields of the rights and freedoms of the individual, democracy and regional events.”

The elections in the U.S. “opens a period of uncertainty,” said French President Francois Hollande. “Some of the statements of Donald trump during his election campaign was a matter of concern. However, the United States continues to remain the primary partner of France,” said Hollande. Promising that France would continue to cooperate with the new US administration.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the electoral battle in the United States was “kind of borderline”. “When the American people elect their President, this has implications far beyond the United States. With any other country [outside the EU] we don’t have a closer relationship. Now the responsibility for the country bears, Donald trump,” — stated Merkel.

Ursula von der Leinen, the defense Minister of Germanycalled the election outcome “a great shock”. “Wondered — does this mean the end of American peace, a Pax Americana?” — quoted by Mrs Leinen Reuters.

Jean-marine Le Pen, the founder of the French party “national front” commented on the victory of Donald trump briefly: “Today the USA, tomorrow — France”.

Jean-Marc Ayrault, foreign Minister of France pledged to work with trump, but noted that his personality “raises questions”. The presidency of trump, from his point of view causes uncertainty for the global community.

Nigel Faraj, the ideologue of Brexit: “I thought that Brexit was a major event, but, man, that, apparently, will be even tougher”. (Reuters)

A brief commentary accompanied the traditional greetings of the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban: “My suppress! This is great news. Democracy is still alive”.