The Republican leader in the Senate warned the Russian attack on NATO

The Republican majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell has warned Russia about the consequences that await her in case she decides to attack one of the NATO countries. His statement McConnell made on Wednesday, November 9, at a press conference.

He said that Russia must “fully understand” that if she will attack any member of NATO, it will have to deal with the entire Alliance, reports Reuters.

8 November along with the presidential election in the United States, the defeated Republican candidate Donald trump, also held parliamentary elections. According to their results, the Republican party retained a majority in both houses of Congress.

Its position in relation to NATO about the possible threats from Russia trump was announced in July this year in an interview with The New York Times. Then he doubted that he would automatically extend security guarantees to the countries — members of NATO. He said that we are talking about safeguards, “giving the 28 member countries of NATO confidence that USA with all its military resources will “cover their backs”.

In response to the question about “threatening activities” of Russia, which worries the Baltic States, trump said that if Russia attacked them, he would provide military assistance only if they fulfil their obligations to the United States. “If they fulfill their obligations to us, the answer is Yes,” said trump.