The state office of public Prosecutor has told about the most common complaints of businessmen

First line for complaints of businessmen in the Prosecutor General’s office announced the Minister Yuri Chaika at the June International economic forum in St. Petersburg. The office stated that the attorney General personally supervises the process of studying complaints. The head of the state office of public Prosecutor on interaction with mass-media Alexander Kurennoy presented the statistics on complaints from 17 June to 3 November 2016.

All on the line during this period, there were 390 complaints. Most businessmen are concerned with the raiding and other illegal actions in respect of property of economic entities (137 complaints). 112 times businessmen complained about the unjustified criminal prosecution, detention and other preventive measures.

80 times prosecutors complained about the violation of procedure of provision of public services, placing orders for public needs. 39 of the registered cases concern the violation of the procedure for conducting inspections. 22 times business stated about the adoption of unjustified measures of administrative coercion.

116 complaints were received from the Central Federal district (60 out of 20 of Moscow and Moscow region). In the North-Western Federal district were applied to the line 36 times. From the southern Federal district the General Prosecutor’s office received 67 applications. Eight times the Ministry complained from the Crimea, 23% — from the North Caucasus Federal district, 61 — the Volga region, 30 — from the Urals, 23 — from Siberia and 17 complaints were received from the Far East.

The Prosecutor’s response

The Prosecutor’s office has brought several cases to the Prosecutor’s intervention in connection with the statements on the line. For example, during the inspection, the representative of LLC “Krasnodarstroytransgaz” complained a criminal case according to part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code (fraud).

According to investigators, the businessman allegedly produced a forged contract of barter of products with “Mega”, which was presented to the Arbitration court of Adygeya as evidence of the “mega” debt to his firm in 30 million roubles In the Prosecutor’s office found that the initiation of proceedings was not taken into account the may decision of Republican arbitration. Then the court confirmed that “Mega” and the third person OOO “ROS-Zerno-TRANS” acknowledge before “Krasnodarstroytransgaz” a debt of $ 26.3 million rubles.

In October, the Prosecutor of Adygea through the ruling overturned a criminal case against the businessman complained. The Prosecutor’s office of Republic sent to the chief investigator of Adygea requirement to involve in a disciplinary responsibility of guilty officials, and to return the injured firm seized during the searches things.

In another complaint from the Director of “Everest” was said about the contract for the supply of lamps with the “Presidential perinatal centre” Ministry of health of the Chuvash Republic. Public Prosecutor’s check established that the customer is in violation of law, terminated the contract unilaterally. After this perinatal center has signed a new contract for the supply of lamps with another company, the application which took third place at the auction. The new price of the lamps is three times oversubscribed from the “Everest”.

After public Prosecutor’s check in relation to the head physician of the perinatal center have been prosecuted on administrative offences under part 6 of article 7.32 of the administrative code (violation of the procedure of conclusion of the contract) and part 1 of article 7.29 of the administrative code (violation of requirements of the legislation on the contract system). The head doctor made the Prosecutor’s submission, the case file forwarded to the Department of economic security police of Cheboksary.

Allies of the Ombudsman

“We welcome the desire of government agencies to become more open to the business community, commented on the project, prosecutors authorized under the Russian President for human entrepreneurs Boris Titov. In the case of the Prosecutor General is extremely important. The Prosecutor’s office as the oversight body for the closest and reliable ally of the Ombudsman in protecting the rights and legitimate interests of domestic entrepreneurs.”

Titov expressed confidence that entrepreneurs who applied to this “hotline” will receive effective assistance in the country will be another effective tool for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs”.

Lawyer Vladimir Zherebenkov calls hotline “populism,” which “does not solve the issues globally.”

“The Constitution says that all are equal before the law, so no need to change the law or come up with a “dialer”. You just need to make so that law enforcement practice, the security forces exerted pressure on operating company and demanded his money,” — said the lawyer.