The WSJ found out the names of candidates for key posts in the administration trump

The team of Donald trump, who won the presidential election, is the list of candidates for various posts in his administration. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing two sources in the command of the trump.

According to them, for attorney General discussed the candidacy of the Governor of new Jersey Chris Christie, who is now a senior adviser to trump. To the same position is considered the Governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson.

“The core of the administration trump” can form, the former new York mayor Rudy Giuliani, and former speaker of the house of representatives newt Gingrich. The newspaper did not explain what positions they may hold. On a post of the Minister of health and social services are considering the candidacy of Republican Ben Carson and Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindle, according to sources of the newspaper.

Former Governor of Utah Mike Leavitt explained that the formation of the team is now a priority. The WSJ notes that in the first days after the inauguration on January 20, 2017, trump is going to announce the US withdrawal from the TRANS-Pacific partnership and to resume free trade Agreement.

Gingrich in an interview with WSJ said that in the first 100 days of the presidency, trump is going to focus on carrying out three to five reforms, including to exercise control on the border with Mexico.

The United States presidential election was held on 8 November. Day 9 of November was announced the results, according to which trump gave 289 electoral votes with 270 needed. His rival Hillary Clinton has received 218 votes.

Even during the presidential race, trump spoke about his plans for the first 100 days of presidency. On the very first day he intends to take action in the fight against corruption, protection of interests of workers in the United States, and to restore the rule of law. In particular, he promised to abolish all “anti-constitutional actions of the Executive” adopted by the administration of incumbent President Barack Obama.