Trump has increased its lead over Clinton in the first hours of the counting of votes

In the first hours after the voting and the counting of votes the lead in the presidential race captured the Republican Donald trump.

According to The Wall Street Journal, as of 3:30 GMT after trump gave the votes of more than 2.9 million voters, Hillary Clinton gained 2.4 million votes.

According to polls, in recent weeks, Clinton was ahead of trump, and once the gap reached a record 12%. However, a few days before the election, the ratings of the two main rivals are almost equal. However, opinion polls conducted by different methods differed significantly.

Experts have argued that Americans will choose the lesser of two evils. So, the question, “why are you willing to vote for Clinton”, most answered “because it’s not trump,” in the case of trump, the majority is ready to vote for him “because he’s not Clinton.”

About 4% said they would vote for Secretary of state because in case of victory it will be the first ever US female President.