Drivers will be able to send for examination in the absence of odor of alcohol

The legislation Committee of the state Duma on Thursday, October 10, approved the amendment to the second reading of the draft law simplifying the procedure of examination for intoxication of drivers of vehicles. The amendment will allow the police to send drivers with signs of inadequate behavior of the medical examination, even if they are not odor of alcohol, reports “RIA Novosti”.

The purpose of the bill to which the amendment and that the state Duma will consider in the second reading, is to simplify the procedure of examination for intoxication of drivers of vehicles. “A person who drives a vehicle, — stated in the amendment — in respect of whom there are reasonable grounds to believe that the person is in a state of intoxication with no smell of alcohol on his breath that person should be sent for a medical examination for intoxication”.

The bill on simplification of procedure of survey of drivers for alcoholic intoxication was introduced by a group of deputies led by United Russia Vyacheslav Lysakov in December 2014. Under the current legislation for execution of this procedure need to be six documents. The authors of the law proposed to reduce the number and simplify the procedure itself. Thus, it is proposed to abolish the Protocol on suspension of driving of the driver, the inspector suspected in the alcohol, in the absence of odor of alcohol from his mouth, he should be sent for a medical examination.

The amendments are proposed to article 27.12 of the code of administrative offences “the Removal from driving a vehicle, survey on an alcohol intoxication and physical examination on a drunken state”.

Currently, when the driver examination for intoxication by authorized officials of the traffic police and medical workers usually, no less than six procedural documents: the Protocol on dismissal from operation of the vehicle, the act of survey on an alcohol intoxication, Protocol referral to a medical examination, the act of medical examination for intoxication, a Protocol on administrative offence and the detention of the vehicle.

Lysakov explained earlier that paperwork consumes too much time, resulting in often a variety of a negative situation. “So, in particular, drivers who are intoxicated, trying to escape both on foot and on passing transport, attacks on police, including the use of weapons, using the fact that the staff are busy at this time by issuing procedural documents”, — said the author of the amendment.