Forum Kudrin called Kiriyenko and members of the government


The fourth all-Russian civil forum (OGF), which is prepared by representatives of the Committee of civil initiatives (THD) Alexei Kudrin, will be held, as before, in the world trade Center in Moscow and will last this year one day — 19 Nov. UCF traditionally brings together representatives of independent, non-profit organizations from Moscow and regions, experts and politicians. This time the forum will be devoted to the search for a new model of the welfare state, changes in society like the environment and the system of institutions and human capital development.

Fourth UCF may be the most representative for all time of its existence. This year in the forum can participate in several Federal politicians and leaders close to the government structures, said a source in the organizing Committee of the forum. The organizers are waiting on the FMG Chairman of the audit chamber Tatyana Golikova, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, economic development Minister Alexander Ulyukayev and his two deputies — Andrey Klepach and Oleg Fomichev, Minister of labour Maxim Topilin, Chairman of the Central election Commission (CEC) Ella Pamfilova, Director of the Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) Andrei Nikitin, rector of the Ranepa Vladimir Mau, rector of the HSE Yaroslav Kuzminov.

In addition, the planned participation of the Minister of Open government Mikhail Abyzov, Secretary of the Public chamber and co-chair of the Central headquarters of the popular front (popular front) Alexander Brechalov, presidential adviser Alexandra Levitskaya, member of the Federation Council and former Commissioner for human rights Vladimir Lukin, Chairman of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) Mikhail Fedotov, head of the Moscow Helsinki group (MHG) Lyudmila Alexeyeva, the founder of VimpelCom, philanthropist and leader recognized as a foreign agent of the Fund “Dynasty” Dmitry Zimin.

The participants will include MPs, representatives of the Ministry of interior, Ministry of justice, Ministry of the Federal penitentiary service, of the judicial Council of the Bank of Russia, Analytical center for the government, Moscow state University, MGIMO, the New development Bank, the Eurasian economic Commission and business representatives of the United metallurgical company, RUSAL, “PepsiCo”, “Neft”, “Severstal”.

Most Federal officials and representatives close to the government structures confirmed that they had received an invitation to participate in the forum and the likelihood of their participation is significant.

The representative of the organizing Committee of the FMG confirmed that this year “for the first time the forum expects such a broad representation of the different forces, groups, and institutions.” “UCF is becoming a serious negotiating platform, — said the representative — And virtually all of these people, regardless of status, for a long time one way or another involved in the development of civil society institutions and understand that open dialogue contributes to the quality of decisions”.

Waiting Kiriyenko

Waiting for the organizers, according to a source in the organizing Committee and its representative and the first Deputy head of the presidential administration, the curator of internal policy Sergey Kiriyenko. Part Kiriyenko FMG confirmed a source close to the CEC. failed to review in the Kremlin about whether Kiriyenko to participate in the forum.

Are expected to participate in the forum and the former head of the Kremlin administration Alexander Voloshin, who now oversees the creation in Moscow the international financial centre.

It is assumed that Kiriyenko, Voloshin will take part in a closed meeting, the organizers of the Civil forum in 2001, said a source in the organizing Committee. The meeting will be moderated by Dean of the economic faculty of Moscow state University Alexander Auzan. Auzan confirmed that such meeting “by invitation” is planned. Auzan said, the meeting will be devoted to the development of civil society in Russia to forum FMG 2016 and beyond. The opportunity to participate Kiriyenko, Voloshin and Surkov in the meeting of the organizers of the Civil forum of 2001 Auzan refused to comment.

The Patronage Of The Kremlin

The organizers of the forum become more active to call officials last year as they realized that more effective problem solving is to engage government representatives, reminded the member of the organizing Committee of the FMG Elena Topoleva-Soldunova. Last year the forum was supported by the Kremlin: Kudrin met with Vladimir Putin and gave the President the program of the event. Putin set the resolution with a request to submit proposals “on support forum” ex-curator of internal policy Vyacheslav Volodin.

Last year the FMG began with a scandal — at the opening ceremony Kudrin wants to know if the forum agreed with the Kremlin. Kudrin said then that the aim of the forum is to support the development of civil society and that the existing barrier between civil society and the government need to overcome, so he decided to invite the representatives of the authorities to establish this dialogue. Answering the question whether it was true that he was granted the administration of the President of the forum, Chairman of the OIG explained that it had invited representatives of the government, which could come only with the consent of the presidential administration. It was about the Fedotov of the HRC and Pamfilova, who was at that time by the Ombudsman.

“The way of the future”

The organizers of FMG 2016 has included in its programme of over 40 events and it will be attended by over thousands of experts and civil society activists from all over Russia. The key activities of the FMG this year will be the session “the way of the future” and panel discussion “In search of a new model of the welfare state”.

In preparation for the forum the entire year were 14 expert sites, who will present at the event, his analysis and projects. In particular, the experts of the session “consumer Rights” will discuss the issue of state control and supervision over the business. Area “Elections at the municipal level: ensuring constitutional rights of citizens to local self-government” will present the analysis of the municipal elections and referendums in 2016 and its proposals for improving the institutions of the local self-government in the regions. Some of the development prepared by experts of the FMG on the thematic areas, will be later submitted for consideration to the Executive and the legislature.

The experts of the session “Open data as a tool for ensuring the transparency of NGOs” will discuss the issue of open data to facilitate the work of NGOs and grantmaking organizations based on changed in recent years, the market situation, said in the announcement of the FMG.

Among the participants of the FMG officially declared the Chairman of the COMMITTEE Alexei Kudrin, regional programme Director of Independent Institute for social policy Natalia Zubarevich, Professor, national research UNIVERSITY “Higher school of Economics” Elena Lukyanova, a political scientist Ekaterina Shulman, head of sociocultural research Levada Center Alexei Levinson, head of the hospice charity Fund “Vera” Nut Federmesser.

Return Kudrin

This year the organizers of the forum nothing has changed, they are, as before, call and officials, and human rights activists, but interest from authorities has increased, she acknowledged. Topoleva-Soldunova suggested that this speaks to the willingness of the authorities to attract more independent experts, including from the opposition, if they offer constructive ideas.

Part Kiriyenko and other senior officials means the desire of the government to show that Kudrin and its experts acceptable to the authority and that their opinion will be taken into account when making decisions, says political analyst Alexei Makarkin. Over the past year, Kudrin returned to the strategy development process the development of the country within the framework created by the Center for strategic research, which he chaired, and the economic Council of the President.

“In addition, the authorities do have the desire to see how you can engage in dialogue with society, and not only loyal, but also moderate critics of the regime. They want to understand how to adjust policy and take into account the interest of this part of society,” — said the expert.

Kudrin is building the forum so that some of the ideas developed within the civil society structures in the form of a finished product to present to state agencies. This alternative method, when some projects are prepared at the level of ministries and departments, so that in this case, the “Guadalmina” FMG is not contrary to this logic, the head of sociocultural research Levada center Alexei Levinson. The main question, in his opinion, lies elsewhere: did the authorities intend to listen seriously to the ideas of the forum and implement them or the forum will turn into ritual and will be deprived of the content, closing a further development of this project.