In DND called involved in the murder of Motorola SBU

The self-proclaimed head of the Donetsk national Republic (DND) Alexander Zakharchenko said that the murder of the commander of the battalion “Sparta” Arsen Pavlov (call sign Motorola) involved high-ranking employee of security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

“I’m ready to name names involved in the murder of “Motorola”. According to our data, in the murder of Arsen participated Vitaly Malikov. He oversees the activities of the DRG (sabotage and reconnaissance groups. — ) in the Donbas — head of the SBU in the Donetsk region” — quoted Zakharchenko Donetsk news Agency. He added that the names of the perpetrators of the murder of Arsen Pavlov specified.

failed to find data Vitaly Marikova, but on the website of the President of Ukraine there is a decree number 439 on the appointment of Vitaly Malikov, Deputy head of the SBU. The decree No. 496 refers to the assignment Malikov, who heads the anti-terrorist center of the SBU, the rank of Lieutenant General.

Motorola was killed in Donetsk on the evening of 16 October, when a bomb exploded in the Elevator of a residential building were also killed his bodyguard. DNR authorities blamed for the death of Motorola to Kiev.

The militia had previously stated about his involvement in the death of Motorola the Ukrainian saboteurs. The Ministry of defence DND stated that “Motorola was killed in a terrorist operation of the Ukrainian DRG”.

The next day after the murder Zakharchenko said that the DPR authorities know the name of the customer of murder of Motorola. “At the moment investigative measures, which will enable us to establish not only the person who ordered — we have already know about it, and who performed this murder. No mercy you will not believe me” — he said then. The name of the customer Zakharchenko still has not called.

Arsen Pavlov took an active part in the hostilities on the side of the DNI. His unit participated in the battles of Slavonic, surrounded by Ukrainian forces near Ilovaysk. Leading the battalion of militia “Sparta”, he also participated in the assault Donetsk airport.

In Ukraine Motorola was wanted. SBU accused him of committing a crime under article 438 of the criminal code (violation of the laws or customs of war). Pavlov personally responsible for the torture and public executions, according to the SBU. In January 2015, Motorola was included in the sanctions list of the EU.