The Finance Ministry has found a way to save money on the treatment of military

The Finance Ministry supports the inclusion of military and security forces in the universal health insurance system, said in the state Duma on Thursday by the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. The medical system that exists now for the military and security forces, civil is much more expensive — three to four times, while being treated in military hospitals are worse than the Minister claims.

Translation of military and security forces in a system of universal health insurance will be associated with some costs, warned Siluanov: employees will need to pay the premiums, and now such costs from law enforcement agencies there. But for the military and security forces the inclusion in the universal health insurance system will be more convenient: they can be treated where they want it, and not only in specialized institutions, said the Minister. Such institutions are not always available: one of the deputies, ex-military — I remember at the meeting, as employees had to be taken to the hospital for 500 km.

For employees of the secret services of the special hospitals will continue, Siluanov noted, but due to changes in the entire system will need much less.

In 2017, the defense Ministry will receive under the section “Health” of 51.8 bn, 13.7% of all appropriations under this heading, compared with 54.4 bn in the current year. In the budget of the Ministry of internal Affairs on health care provided for 2017 24.9 billion rubles (in this year of 26.5 billion rubles), follows from the Federal budget. Exactly how much you spend each of the security and military agencies in medicine, it is impossible to say about 14 billion rubles in the budget section “public Health services” are classified in 2016 and 2017. Completely closed health care costs, for example, the FSB and SVR.

The Ministry of health supports the idea of the Ministry of Finance, Minister of healthcare Veronika Skvortsova. The health insurance system is to be profitable as the military — young men are powerful and do not require such costs for medical care, as children and the elderly, said Skvortsova.

But against the will of the security agencies, she warned: “They have not always adequate, bloated infrastructure, which must support”. In addition, the rates for treatment in the military, their “and they got a giant staff in law enforcement agencies”, the Minister added.

The inclusion of the military and security forces in the General health insurance system was already discussed in 2010, law enforcers were against it, said the Chairman of the accounts chamber Tatyana Golikova. Among the reasons is that the conventional “rate” for Medicaid that I receive in military hospitals is much higher than that adopted for civilian hospitals, and the military has their own doctors, said the head of the accounting chamber. As a compromise, the security forces and military will ask for their institutions a higher rate than in civil clinics, and the existing system of health insurance, it will be difficult to withstand, warned Golikova. Maybe for the beginning it will be easier to go the other way: choose among the military and security forces categories that can easily be translated into the universal system of health insurance, she said.

The mandatory medical insurance system is too open to include members of the military and security agencies, says the Director of the Institute of health Economics HSE Larisa Popovich. “OMS will contain all the information about their quantity and diseases. No this will not do”, — the expert believes.

The idea of the Ministry of Finance was discussed with the security agencies and they are really against for the reason that called Golikova, said Siluanov . However, the Finance Ministry will continue working in this direction with these agencies, said the Minister.

With the participation of Ivan Tkachev