The head of the Duma faction has proposed to increase the “value” of votes

The leaders of Duma factions will introduce soon a bill to increase the cost of voting the voter from 110 to 153 rubles., said several interlocutors in the parties and confirmed by a source close to the leadership of the state Duma. This decision agreed with the leadership of the lower house of Parliament, said the interlocutors .

According to the results of elections to the state Duma four parliamentary parties received fewer votes than in 2011, due to the low turnout. At current prices the voices of the voters in 110 rubles state financing of parties would be reduced. Does lost budget funds party Yabloko, which failed in this election to overcome the 3 percent barrier.

“Because in these elections the number of voters for all parties was less than in previous elections, and the budget includes funds for the financing of political parties in the same volume as before, will be adopted a bill to change a single vote,” said first Vice-speaker from the Communist party Ivan Melnikov.

“Not a penny extra from the budget” on financing of the parliamentary parties is not required, says Vice-speaker from LDPR Igor Lebedev. “All expenses are within the amount determined by the budget for 2016, given the fact that dumps “Apple”, — he explained . According to the MP, the agreement was reached during the meeting of faction leaders with the President, which took place immediately after the election.

With the increase in the cost of voice up to RUB 153 more will continue to “United Russia” and LDPR. According to estimates , the cost of the majority party will grow from 3.6 billion rubles per year to 4.4 billion rubles, the LDPR — from 843 million to 1.1 billion.

Reduced funding of the Communist party — from RUB 1.4 bn to RUB 1 billion and “Fair Russia” — with 956 million to 501 million RUB If the price of the voice remains the same, spravorossy would receive each year a total of 360 million rubles.

A total of all of the party will cost the budget about RUB 7 billion a year, as in previous years, when funded by the five parties (“Yabloko” took about 250 million rubles.).

In recent years, the number of sponsors at parties have decreased, they are increasingly dependent on state funding, said political analyst Konstantin Kalachev. “The sponsor is granted a place on the party list in exchange for the aid of the party, considers itself independent. As government funding allows you to activate party activists,” he said.