Morgan Stanley estimated the probability of lifting sanctions against Russia at the trump

Bank Morgan Stanley has estimated a 35% chance of removing US sanctions against Russia in the next two years 2017-2018 after the election Donald trump President of the United States, Bloomberg reports citing analytical review of the Bank.

On the eve of the Reuters with reference to five European diplomats reported that the European Union intends to extend sanctions against Russia imposed over the situation in the South-East of Ukraine, and to make it plans in December 2016, until such time as trump officially takes office. The Agency suggested that in Brussels they believe that to extend the sanctions will be more difficult, if trump succeeds in improving relations with Russia.

“After the inauguration of the trump in January if it will actually improve relations with Putin, the differences inside the EU will become stronger and extend sanctions against Russia will be difficult,” — said the diplomat in Brussels.

At the moment, the restrictive measures are valid until 15 March 2017, however the validity period may be extended if the solution will support all 28 member States of the European Union.

That Russia is potentially the main beneficiaries of the victory of Donald trump in US elections, earlier announced earlier, analysts of “Renaissance Capital” and Ecstrat.

“Russia looks the most obvious beneficiary elected Donald trump President of the United States,” — says chief economist of “Renaissance Capital” Charles Robertson in a note to clients (have). According to him, in 2017, in Moscow there is hope for easing of us sanctions.

Because of the global consequences of a victory trump’s beneficial for Russia, agreed and strategist at research firm Ecstrat Mostak Emad (Emad Mostaque), who suggested that the administration of the 45th U.S. President can lift sanctions “as a gesture of appeasement.”

During his election race for the US presidency, trump promised that after he wins the election he will be “very, very good relationship” with Russian President Vladimir Putin and with Russia, but what will be done for this, he announced.

For the first time sanctions against Russia due to the annexation of Crimea to Russia was put into effect 2014, the last time they had been extended for six months in September 2016.