The head of the defense Ministry of Germany has urged trump to not treat NATO as a business

The Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen called trump does not treat NATO as a business.

“This is not a company. This is not the case when we can say: the past does not bother me. The values that we represent, to me, is also not important, I’ll see how much money I can earn and can get a bargain. So do not run the country, and it is not the principle of NATO”, — quotes the words of DW von der Leyen, the TV channel ZDF.

In addition, she urged trump to determine its position in relation to Russia and not to deviate from the principles of NATO on this issue. “Donald trump needs to say clearly whose side he’s on. On the side of justice, peace and democracy, or he doesn’t care, and he shows a gesture of male friendship,” said von der Leyen.

According to her, in conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot forget about the annexation of Crimea, nor about the bombing of Aleppo.