Failed to predict the victory of the trump, the expert ate cricket live

American expert on public opinion polls Sam Wang, who failed to predict the victory of Donald trump at the recent USA elections, ate cricket live CNN. A leading television channel had reminded Wang of his promise to “eat a bug” if trump gets more than 240 electoral votes.

The expert showed the air a jar of canned crickets, which he presented as one of the “delicacies for Pets”.

“In the end, I was wrong. A mistake. But nobody promised what I promised,” said Wang and ate a little of the can content, pre-mixing it with honey.

The host asked the expert, which was eaten on the taste. “Basically honey aftertaste and slightly nutty taste,” admitted the expert.

Video: Youtube/Chuck Ross

8 November in the USA presidential elections were held. The victory on them was won by Republican Donald trump, beating her opponent from the Democrats Hillary Clinton.