Media have reported the transfer of the NATO summit due to victory trump

According to German publication Spiegel, citing sources in the environment, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the summit, which was scheduled for spring, will be postponed to the summer. Until that time, the leadership of the Alliance expect to understand what the military organization of a new U.S. President Donald trump.

According to Spiegel, NATO is considering a scenario which will significantly reduce the US role in the Alliance. In particular, speech can go about the refusal of the United States from sending additional units in the countries of Eastern Europe, as well as the overall reduction of American troops in Europe.

The optimistic scenario envisages a reduction in U.S. expenditure for NATO.

In July of this year, Donald trump in an interview with The New York Times doubted that he would automatically extend security guarantees to the countries — members of NATO. He noted that we are talking about safeguards, “giving the 28 member countries of NATO confidence that USA with all its military resources will “cover their backs”.

In April, trump called normal possible disintegration of NATO. Then he criticized US allies in NATO for the lack of contribution to the organization. “We protect them, provide military support and so forth, and they robbed the United States. And what are we doing? Nothing,” he said. In his view, the countries-members of NATO should “pay US all underpaid before.”