Media reported about the attempt to make attacks on “Paris scenario”

Terrorists detained by the Federal security service of Russia, was planning to carry out attacks on “Paris scenario”. About this “Russian newspaper” has told a source in Russian security services.

According to him, several explosive devices were simultaneously triggered in places of a mass congestion of people, and at this time in other parts of the city, a group of terrorists were to open fire on the crowd in crowded places.

One of the detainees also said that currently his brother is in Syria. Made by the FSB the video, which depicts an excerpt of the interrogation, published by TASS. On the question of what his cousin is doing in Syria, the detainee stated: “I don’t know. Jihad”.

The FSB announced the arrest of ten terrorists were preparing a series of terrorist attacks in Moscow and St. Petersburg earlier on Saturday. According to intelligence agencies, a group of people from Central Asia were preparing a series of terrorist attacks in crowded places, using machines and explosives of high power. The detainees were seized four homemade bombs.