Peskov called “unexpected” for the Kremlin, Putin’s role in elections in the United States

Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow was surprised by the role played in the election campaign in the United States Vladimir Putin. He told about it in interview to TV channel CNN.

“I want to remind you, President Putin tried to do everything to remain neutral in this story, despite the fact that he personally played a huge role — quite unexpectedly — in the American election campaign”, — said Peskov (hereafter quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

He stressed that Putin “has never indicated who is his favorite candidate.” Answering the question about a possible improvement of relations between Moscow and Washington, press Secretary of the President noted that nobody expects this in a few weeks.

“Nevertheless, if the two leaders, I mean the current leader of Russia, President Putin and President-elect Donald trump will be wise enough to have the political will to talk with each other to try to solve problems not through confrontation, not through the use of, let us say, the language of sanctions or other illogical things that are harmful to both parties, then we will have a chance to at least talk and try to solve problems in a constructive manner,” — said the press Secretary of the head of state.

Peskov also said that Moscow has not officially been in contact with the team of Donald trump. He explained that Russian experts are in constant contact with Western partners, some of whom are experts on Russian-American relations, political science.

“This is a normal exchange of opinions. Among these people can be someone associated with the campaign [Donald trump]. But I want to reiterate that we can’t talk about any official contacts initiated by the Kremlin, we had no official contacts,” Peskov said.

Dmitry Peskov is in new York as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Russian chess Federation. In an interview with “Interfax” before the trip, he explained that he plans to meet with the American official persons, and the purpose of the trip is to support the Russian chess players.

Along with this, Peskov gave an interview to the American Agency Associated Press. In it he said that Moscow during the presidential race, maintained contact with headquarters of Hillary Clinton, and with the team and trump. He explained that the Russian expert was necessary to understand the positions and nuances of the different parties. However, the press Secretary of President-elect Donald trump hope Hicks, dismissed the allegations and said the lack of contacts with Moscow.

The night before the Sands in an interview with “the First channel” declared that approaches trump and Putin’s foreign policy “phenomenally” close. As an example he cited the views of politicians regarding the interests of both countries.

During the campaign, Clinton has repeatedly accused trump that he has “ties with Russia”. During the last debate she called his opponent Republican “puppet” of Putin. The Kremlin denied any involvement in the intention to affect the election results. The President of Russia in late October called “complete nonsense and nonsense” claims that trump can be seen as the Russian favorite in this race.

Sands: “With the new American leader will be easier to negotiate”

Win the trump in the elections came as a surprise to the Kremlin, said in an interview with CNN, Dmitry Peskov. But his coming to power will lead to the normalization of relations between Russia and the United States, I’m sure Putin’s press Secretary.

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