Putin called Russia’s worthy place in the rating Doing Business

Speaking at a state Council Presidium meeting on measures to improve the investment attractiveness in Russian regions, the Russian President noted that the world Bank’s Doing Business, Russia ranked in this year’s 40th place, up another 11 positions. “As a whole is already worthy of a place”, – quotes Putin Agency “RIA Novosti”.

The President also noted that recently in Russia was largely implemented, the roadmap of the National entrepreneurial initiative and launched the national rating of investment climate in the regions.

This year the creators of the Doing Business rating changed methodology, counting on it and last year’s figures. The result is that if under the old system Russia has risen from 51st to 40th place, according to the new system was that it had dropped four positions.

In accordance with the world Bank in Russia the situation is much better with the registration of ownership (ninth largest in the world), the registration of enterprises (26th place), and the last indicator Russia has risen on 11 positions. But for obtaining construction permits, Russia ranks only 115th place, and the ease of international trade (the time and cost of export/import procedures) — and at 140. for Example, in Moscow is necessary to carry out an average of 14 procedures, and to wait 230 days to obtain construction permit.

The high position of Russia in the rating Doing Business is one of the targets prescribed in the may decrees of the President from 2012. Russia needs to climb from 120th position in 2011 to 50th in 2015 and 20th in 2018.