Putin ordered to help with gas Ukrainian city

After a meeting of the Presidium of the state Council in Yaroslavl to Vladimir Putin approached the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov, who told the President that residents of the Ukrainian city of Genichesk (Kherson region) are asking Russia to help with the supply of natural gas, reports the Agency “Interfax”. “The situation is close to humanitarian catastrophe, exacerbated the situation last year when people were left without heat,” – said Aksenov.

The head of state in response ordered to help Genichesk: “Help needed. Do the same (as last winter).

The President pointed to the need to establish financial discipline in relations with neighbours. The reason is that for delivery last year, the Ministry owes 18 million rubles.

Genichesk is not associated with other parts of the gas transmission network of mainland Ukraine. In summer, it receives gas from the Deposit in Kherson region, and the rest from underground storages on the territory of Crimea, which, according to the company “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, comes also from the Ukrainian territory.