The insurers took 30 minutes to electronic processing of insurance

The Board of Directors of the Bank of Russia approved the regulations needed to start from 1 January 2017 mandatory electronic sales of insurance policies. Such policies, the insurers will be required to provide any car owner. The processing time of e-policy must not exceed 30 minutes from the time of the application, said the regulator.

“Insurers and the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) will not have to prevent the conditions under which their websites and information systems will not be able to ensure the conclusion of the contract within 30 minutes from the moment of sending through the website properly executed application, the possibility of filling of which should be provided in permanent mode”, — stated in the message.

Central Bank clarifies that the total duration of the interruption in the website of the insurer shall not exceed 30 minutes per day. If the insurance company is required to conduct the technical work, it is obliged to notify at least the day, posting information on the main page of the site. Such work, the company will be able to conduct not more often than once a month, from 22:00 to 08:00 Moscow time.

The regulator also defined the procedure of work with the owners, not the insurance contract was not concluded and information that is not included in the information system (AIS) OSAGO. After conclusion of the contract CTP in electronic form, the insurer shall send by e-mail the policy to the policyholder and places it into the personal account of the owner on its website. Printed in the insurance policy should be information about the electronic signature certificate of the insurer. This will enable verification of its authenticity by the traffic police. If desired, the car owner will be able to get a policy on his usual paper letterhead insurance.

“To date, 54 of the insurer of the 72 full members of the PCA are connected to the industrial environment of the subsystem “Electronic police”, the RAMI database, since the possibility of service on the conclusion of electronic contracts insurance valid from 1 July 2015″, — said the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Vladimir Chistyuhin. He noted that the development of the documents, the regulator has taken into account the opinion and experience of the insurance community.

In addition, the Central Bank amended the rules of CTP. In particular, from 1 January 2018 it is planned to introduce a new form of a policy, which will be supplemented by QR-code. Thanks to him, it will be possible to obtain data on CMTPL policy on the website of RSA online. On the form of the policy will reflect a detailed calculation of the amount of the insurance premium, indicating the values of all factors influencing the ultimate cost of the insurance, including the coefficient for accident-free driving (bonus-Malus). New rules insurance also determine the time of conclusion of the insurance contract, and holding predstrahovaya car inspection and also determine the form of notice of accident.

According to insurers, the requirements of the Central Bank are too high. According to the Director of the Department of information technologies “AlfaStrakhovanie” Andrew Pedorenko, to comply with the requirements of the regulator in full will be difficult. “For us it’s a challenge that these requirements are higher than the requirements for similar services from the banking industry,” says Fedorenko.

A representative from a major insurance company said that the time limit for the processing of electronic insurance must be accompanied by reservations. Because the insurer should not be responsible for the operation of the other systems that affect the design of an electronic document, such as SAR, police, Bank through which payment is carried out.

“In General this is enough time to issue an e-policy. However, it is necessary to provide force majeure when the situation is not connected with incorrect work of the website of the insurer. Failure may be, for example, at the acquiring Bank. Therefore, the cases where you can prove that the cause is external, must be separately adjusted and taken as the explanation,” — said the managing partner of the analytical centre NAFI Pavel Samiev.