The LA Times reported on numerous arrests of opponents of the trump

According to the newspaper Los Angeles Times. Opponents elected to the post of President of the United States Donald trump has gathered in the Park. Eyewitnesses claim that the protesters were calm, but arriving police ordered people to disperse. In response to the refusal, they surrounded the protesters and did not let anyone out of the ring. “You’re not going home, you had the chance,” said one of the policemen.

Then the arrests started. People were handcuffed and put in a fitting school buses.

Indicates that some of the protesters began throwing stones at police, in response to what they used gun that shoots plastic bullets.

Mass arrests of opponents of Donald trump in Los Angeles

Just the protest was attended by 3,000 people, who chanted the phrase “Not my President” and managed to pass the afternoon March past the city hall.

In the previous three days, police arrested several people who were accused of vandalism. One of them threw a employee of law enforcement services thermos, others tried to block the highway.

Most California residents during the last U.S. presidential election I voted for Hillary Clinton and was unhappy with the final winning trump.