The media learned about the intention of London to urge NATO to increase defense spending

The British defence Secretary Michael Fallon at the EU summit next Monday, 14 November, to address his colleagues in NATO with a call to increase defense spending. Such a request due to concerns about the fact that the US President-elect Donald trump may reduce financial support of the Alliance. About this newspaper The Daily Telegraph with reference to sources in the defense Ministry.

The source in the government of great Britain declared that winning trump in the election and his campaign rhetoric regarding NATO has given Britain the “impulse” to refer to the countries of the Alliance with this appeal. “Before the Americans said suck it up and will continue to contribute more than other members of NATO. If the new administration will say that you need to be alert, it will make you think. On the other hand, Europe also faces major problems with security,” said a government source.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Thursday that the creation of a European army is necessary because “the Americans, to whom we owe much, <…> will not be able to ensure the safety of the Europeans in the long run. We need to do it yourself”. According to the publication, British defence Secretary Michael Fallon intends to convey to the partners that NATO should abandon the idea to create a European army in favor of funding the organization.

A government source also said that authorities are concerned about trump’s views on relations with Moscow.

“His admiration for [Russian President Vladimir] Putin as a strong leader is alarming, and people need to work to explain to him the facts of life,” — said the source publication.

Donald trump during his campaign repeatedly stated that the countries of the Northern Alliance needs to increase its funding within the block, rather than relying on US aid. Trump criticized U.S. allies in NATO because they did not make a fair payment to the organization. “We protect them, provide military support and so forth, and they robbed the United States. And what are we doing? Nothing,” — said the politician. In July, trump also said that, in the case of the Russian military threat against the countries — members of NATO and the US would provide military assistance only if they fulfil their obligations to Washington.

Then, the Secretary-General of the Northern Alliance Jens Stoltenberg criticized trump statements, Recalling the obligation of countries to protect each other in case of attack.

After the election of President trump, the Minister of defence of Germany Ursula von der Leyen called on him to clearly identify the position in relation to Russia and not to deviate from the principles of NATO on this issue. She also asked him not to treat the Northern Alliance as a business.

“Donald trump needs to say clearly whose side he’s on. On the side of justice, peace and democracy, or he doesn’t care, and he shows a gesture of male friendship”, — said the politician.