Trump called work priorities in the first weeks as President

The US President-elect Donald trump in his first election interview to newspaper The Wall Street Journal outlined the priorities for its activities in the first weeks of the new post.

Among the priorities trump called deregulation of financial institutions that “banks could begin to lend,” as well as creating jobs and protecting borders against the penetration of illegal migrants and drugs into the United States.

Trump said that after conversations with the current head of state Barack Obama, it revised its position in relation to the program to provide affordable insurance to 30 million U.S. citizens (Obamacare) implemented by the presidential administration. During the election campaign he criticized the program and argued for its complete repeal.

According to trump, he thinks now keep at least two points after he asked Obama during their meeting at the White house. We are talking about the current ban insurers to refuse their services because of the patient’s health status and opportunities for parents to take care of the health of children through its own policies for additional time. The President-elect stressed the need to “quickly” to move in this direction.

In addition, trump reiterated on the need to create U.S. jobs. He said that can impose import tariffs on the goods of American companies that are manufactured overseas. In his opinion, it will deprive the company of the incentive to move production to countries with cheaper labor.

In an interview with the President-elect had devoted attention to the question of unification of the country. “I want a country where people love each other,” he said. Answering the question of how to reduce tension in the country, which was formed after the election, trump said that it is necessary to create new jobs.

The President-elect also assured that he seeks to adopt a more positive approach than previously announced. Trump “shied away” from answering the question about the possible appointment of Prosecutor in the case of the former opponent in the race, Hillary Clinton.

“It’s not what I was thinking because I want to solve the health issues, new jobs, border control and tax reform,” he said.

In his first post-election interview trump did not indicate a specific position on the Syrian issue, but “proposed to abandon the current policy of the Obama administration”. He said the need to fight ISIL (“the Islamic state, recognized in Russia as terrorist and banned), and not to put before itself the primary goal the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power. “We now support the rebels who are fighting against the Syrian government, but we have no idea who these people are,” said trump.

Asked about the international contacts, the President-elect stated that he personally talked to the majority of world leaders or received their congratulations after the election. He noted that he received a “wonderful” letter from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, adding that between them is soon to be held a telephone conversation.

In late October, trump announced his plans for the first hundred days of his presidency. Among the priorities he has identified the fight against corruption, protection of workers ‘ interests and restore the rule of law. He suggested including term limits for members of Congress, to prohibit the hiring of new civil servants (except for military, health workers and law enforcement agencies). He also suggested to get two years in prison for those who repeatedly illegally crosses the U.S. border.