Clinton blamed his defeat on the election of the Director of the FBI

Hillary Clinton has accused FBI Director James Comey in his defeat in the presidential election of the United States. She stated this during a conference call on Saturday with the main investors of its election campaign, reports Reuters, citing two participants.

Clinton, in particular, stated that he had lost due to the fact that the Komi Republic shortly before the elections decided to send Congress a letter notifying you that resume the investigation relative to its messaging when he was Secretary of state.

After a week of Komi announced that emails were checked and the grounds for the prosecution of the presidential candidate there. However, according to Clinton, the political damage she had suffered.

Donald trump, according to Clinton, could use both these statements Komi that attack Clinton during the race, rasskazali interlocutors.

That Clinton in conversation with investors accused of Komi in his loss in the elections, according to sources ABCNews. They said that a “tipping point” in the fight between her and trump, Clinton called the letter Komi Congress. Himself up a conference call remained closed to the press.

Clinton noted that after the third, final round of debate with trump, which took place on 20 October, she was sure of his victory. However, according to her, a letter from the Director of the FBI to Congress eight days later “destroyed the momentum in her campaign” and “increased motivation for trump”.