In the state Duma decided to increase the excise tax on champagne

The state Duma Committee on budget approved on Saturday an amendment according to which in 2017 will be increased excise taxes on sparkling wine and champagne. The author made United Russia Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov. At his suggestion, the excise rate for sparkling and sparkling wines with a protected geographic name, will be increased by 5 rubles., from 14 to 19 RUB per liter; the rate for the same wines, but not protected, will increase by RUB 9, from 26 to 36 rubles. per liter. Excise duty is proposed to increase only in 2017, in the next two years increase is not expected.

The MP Fedorov was absent at the meeting, and the initiative of the deputies explained the Chairman of Committee Andrey Makarov. The point is to protect the Crimea and other local growers — wine producers with geographically protected names from “wine, which are driven away from Turkey,” in the same tankers to carry that oil, he said. Deputy Potter noticed that the amendment Fedorov increases the excise duty and protected for sparkling wines, which are assumed to protect the Makarov, but the Chairman considered that the increase of excise duty on 5 RUB serious.

In addition, according to Makarov, the Fedorov amendment will allow to create equal conditions for all producers in the market: proposals on excise duties introduced by the government, “aims at supporting one single company”. The President did not elaborate on what company it is, but some members of the Committee came to the conclusion that he meant “Abrau-Durso”, a family-owned business of the Ombudsman Boris Titov.

The government did not expect to raise the excise duty on champagne and sparkling wine in 2017, told deputies the first Deputy Minister of Finance Ilya Trunin. It was planned to increase rates just for the “quiet” wines, with almost half, from 10 to 19 rubles, the official said. However, against the amendment Fedorova, the representative of the government did not object to that: in his opinion, with the increase in the price of champagne in recent years, Fedorov proposed increase will not have a major impact on the market, but will contribute to the replenishment of regional budgets.

In addition, the amendment Fedorov will force the regional authorities to intensify work on the protection of the wines produced in their territories, said Makarov. This must be done urgently before the end of this year. Only in this case the rate of excise duty for local manufacturers of champagne will amount to 19 rubles, and in nasty — 36 rubles, as follows from comments of the Deputy, with geographically protected wines names not even in the Krasnodar region.

The part of deputies-United Russia oppose Fedorov. As a result, “people in crisis buy a bottle of champagne can’t” feared Raisa Karmazina. Taxes and cheating of trading networks in conjunction with the increased excise duties will lead to the fact that “from the record harvest of grapes this year people will have to boil the Kool-aid”, warned Gennady Kulik.

The arguments of the opponents of the idea convinced of deputies: amendment adopted not unanimously, as is often the case, and by 12 votes to nine (to the amazement of Kulik, voted and Karmazin). Makarov said he was ready to return to the discussion of the initiative later, if there will be new objections.