NATO Secretary General warned trump about delays rejection of Alliance

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued a warning to the elected President of the United States Donald Trump in which he said that the US now is not the time to abandon the Alliance, writes The Guardian, citing an article written by NATO Secretary General and published in The Observer.

It Stoltenberg stressed that the West faces the biggest threat to security in recent times. “Now is not the time to question the value of partnership between Europe and the United States,” writes NATO Secretary General.

“Over the past few years we have seen a sharp deterioration in our security with a more assertive Russia and instability in North Africa and the middle East”, – said Stoltenberg

As an example of the response of the countries-members of NATO on the threat to this security Stoltenberg leads the deployment of the Alliance in Eastern Europe. “This is deterrence, not aggression. We do not seek to provoke a conflict, but seek to prevent it,” he says.

While Stoltenberg writes that “NATO battalions, numbering thousands of troops, can not be compared with the Russian forces, numbering tens of thousands just next to the border.” “Our response is defensive and proportional. But it sends a clear and unambiguous message that an attack on one will be met with a response from all,” explains Stoltenberg.

“To act alone is not an option, neither for Europe nor for the United States,” said the NATO Secretary General.

Earlier, the trump, as a candidate for the US presidency, has called NATO “legacy” Union and offered the Europeans to take care of their own security.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said yesterday in an interview with the Associated Press said trump during his presidency-could build trusting relations with Russia, forcing NATO to halt the expansion of or to withdraw your troops from Russian borders. This “will lead to a kind of détente in Europe”, — said Peskov. He explained that Russia does not feel secure when “NATO forces are getting bigger and bigger and closer and closer to Russia’s borders”.

On the eve of the German publication Spiegel, citing sources in the environment Stoltenberg said that the summit, which was scheduled for spring, will be postponed to the summer. Until that time, the leadership of the Alliance expect to understand what the military organization of a new U.S. President Donald trump. According to the publication, NATO review the script that will ultimately reduce the US role in the Alliance.