The leader of the anti-immigrant party of Italy has decided to repeat the success of trump

The leader of the Italian anti-immigrant party “Northern League” Matteo Salvini declared to his supporters that he will run for the post of Prime Minister, writes Reuters. Salvini said that he did it, inspired by the victory in US elections is Donald trump.

“If Brexit and victory trump has taught us anything, it’s that not the time to be afraid,” said 43-year-old politician, addressing a rally in Florence, which gathered about 10 thousand people. “Today frontline, I’m out. I’m not afraid of anything or anyone… We start today… and we will win,” he said, campaigning for protectionist measures to protect domestic producers against illegal immigration.

Salvini believes that a referendum on constitutional reform proposed by the government of Matteo Renzi will fail, and consequently, the government will resign. “December 4 — the ability to get rid of this pathological liar, who for two years selling the country,” — said Salvini.

The reform involves the redistribution of powers in the Italian Parliament. If it passes, the Senate will cease to be elected, bliss would include heads of regional and city administrations. The senators will not consider the bills and will lose the right to vote of no confidence in the government. stop to consider the bill and will not vote on the question of confidence in the government.

Some powers of heads of regions the authors of the reform decided to transfer to the government. According to their plan, changes to the Constitution will speed up the legislative process and save money.