Volodin is in the position of Putin and trump

The views of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the elected President of the United States Donald trump on many important political issues are similar, according to the Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

“Exactly what he [trump] said, says our President. Our President talks about terrorism, our President talks about defending the interests of our country, while taking into account the interests of other countries. Our President talked about convergence and is constantly talking about it,” said Volodin in interview to TV channel NTV.

“A lot of these points of intersection, and a lot of similar stances from Putin and trump. Will trump follow the statements which he made, time will tell. Today is really hard to talk about it, but such opportunities trump is,” he added.

According to the speaker of the Duma, the ideological principles of the new US President in “building relationships in a constructive and respectful to each other” is also very close to Russia.

“Well, of course, his position as a man who loves his country and defends the interests, she is close to us”, — said Volodin.

“It is important to restore confidence, it is important to restore respect. If this is done, much can be done. If trump begins to realize that what I said, of course, radically change the situation, — said the head of the lower house of Parliament.