Human rights activists reported the attack on the hospital in the suburbs of Aleppo

Hospital in town controlled by rebels in the Syrian town of al-Atareb, located to the West of Aleppo, was completely destroyed in the air strikes, several medical workers were injured. About it reports Reuters, citing Syrian monitoring centre for human rights, based in London.

According to human rights activists, the planes inflicted surgical strikes on the hospital night and day on 14 November. As a result, the hospital was completely destroyed. The heart monitor added that this hospital was the only in al Atareb. She served about 60 thousand people living in the area.

In the message of defenders is not specified, the planes of which country launched air strikes. They also added that the strong strikes in recent days have undergone several districts of Aleppo.

Western countries have repeatedly accused the Russian and the Syrian military in air strikes on hospitals and other social infrastructure, which is in particular controlled by the rebels. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande after the meeting “channel four” in Berlin said that what is happening in Aleppo should be regarded as a “war crime”.

Moscow in turn accused the Western coalition strikes on schools and residential areas near Mosul where the operation to liberate the city. In addition, the Russian authorities nattawut that Syria put objects only on terrorist targets without affecting schools and hospitals.