In the state Duma introduced a bill on decriminalization battery

A group of deputies of “United Russia” together with the members of the Federation Council in the Duma introduced a bill on the decriminalization of assault against relatives. This was reported to journalists the Deputy of the state Duma and one of the authors Olga batalina, reports TASS. The bill is available in the database of the state Duma.

Now beating outside the family, perfect for the first time, qualify as an administrative offence, and in the family as a criminal offence, the relevant law was passed by the Parliament and signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin this summer.

“Among the people was the objective puzzling why conflicts within the family, beating against relatives, is a crime, and the same actions committed in the street, — an administrative offense. Our bill offers this conflict to resolve,” — said batalina.

According to her, previously, there was concern that the mitigation of punishment will increase the number of such cases.

“Let me remind you that “beating” in article 116 of [the criminal code] are actions which cause physical pain, but not entailed harm to health, we are talking about the abrasions, the bruises. If in the case of violent actions still caused a light injury, then it is a criminal offence and another article 115 [of the criminal code],” — said batalina.

According to her, it is important to find a balance between the prevention of crime and violence prevention, but “on the other hand, we need to give people a chance for reconciliation and restoration of relations”, quoted Batalina “Interfax”.

“However, if we see that man is prone to violence, beatings occur repeatedly, that is, system actions, in this case, they will entail criminal punishment. For this was the criminal code introduced an article 116.1”, — concluded the Deputy.

Amendments to article 116 of the criminal code, according to which the perpetration of a beating for the first time is transferred from a criminal to an administrative offence was adopted by the Parliament in the last session of the lower chamber of the previous convocation. It is envisaged that if the beating was applied to close relatives, the assailant threatened criminal liability.

In the original bill the term “close relatives” was not mentioned, but later added it to the document United Russia Deputy Pavel Krasheninnikov. In the end, in this form the bill was passed.

In November Krashennikov reported that “United Russia” is preparing amendments to the bill. “It was adopted at the end of the session, we have worked enough then to society… But after subsequent discussion in the society with which we faced the elections, we felt that if the majority of the population does not support, here is something to think about,” said Vasiliev.

Earlier econobrick on decriminalization battery July 27 submitted to the state Duma the Senator Elena Mizulina. She noted that adopted in the summer edition contains “a number of controversial, anti-family provisions.” According to the Senator, according to the law, the actions applied “to the child light educational measure in the form of a slap” relatives “more socially dangerous than the behavior of a stranger, who inflicted the beatings on the street.”

Government Commission on legislative activities in October did not support the idea Mizulina. In response to the bill says that the change of article 116 was aimed at “early detection and combating domestic violence, illegal behaviour of the parents and other persons likely to commit violent acts against loved ones.”