One and a half million criminal cases closed due to police red tape

The tape cases

The police did not comply with the “reasonable time” of pre-investigation checks, said the press service of the Prosecutor General. The Supervisory Agency is one of the reasons I believe red tape, repeated the decision about refusal in excitation of criminal case. “As a result of verification for the same crime are sometimes conducted over the years”, — said the representative of the Prosecutor General.

This applies mainly to violations of the law of small and medium gravity, the Statute of limitations on which does not exceed six years, according to the Department. According to statistics of the Prosecutor General, in 2014, was terminated 733 thousand cases in 2015 — 542 thousand in the six months of 2016 — 223 thousand, i.e. almost 1.5 million cases for 2.5 years.

Among the problems of the police, the Prosecutor’s office see weak coordination of actions of bodies of inquiry and operational-investigative divisions. Violations investigators are often revealed only after they complain about the victims and the problem pay attention to the higher Prosecutor’s offices.

The dismissal of the limitation period provided by law, says Maria Shklyaruk, head of the division “Institutions and society” Center for strategic research (CSR). According to her, often terminated the case, ongoing since the Soviet era and are not disclosed.

“Another issue is that of those terminated 1.5 million cases part for some reason the police did not want to send to the court, — said the expert. For example, if you are not sure you are convicted or a corrupt interest. The police can’t just quit man, it’ll ruin the statistics, therefore, begin to tighten the case before the Statute of limitations. But accurate statistics on such cases no”.

The rejection of statements

The concern of the prosecutors cause wrongful refusals to accept statements from victims. Over the last 2.5 years installed more than 4.2 thousand such facts, said the Prosecutor’s office: in 2014, there were 1.1 million incidents of unlawful failure and unregistration messages in 2015 — 2.6 million, in 2016 — 539. Most of these cases occur in Karelia and Mordovia, TRANS-Baikal, Krasnoyarsk and Primorye territories, Voronezh, Moscow, Sakhalin and Tver regions.

The interior Ministry in response to the request reported that annually the staff of the Ministry consider about 11-12 million statements. “The audits identified certain facts of unreasonable refusal in reception of statements about crimes from citizens, but unreasonable to consider them massive and widespread,” — said the press service.

The police say that the share identified by prosecutors violations associated with the registration message does not exceed 0,01–0,02%. So, according to the interior Ministry, in 2015, during checks it was established 0,006% facts straight shelter of crimes from registration (share of all considered in the framework of the CPC applications).

The real extent of crime

In Russia annually registered about 30 million messages about incidents and crimes, explains Shklyaruk of CSR. According to her, this is the total number of all messages in the police “from shouting under the Windows before the murder.”

Of these 30 million messages, only about 11 million the police are describing as an excuse to check under the criminal procedure code. In turn, out of 11 million audits out of a total of about 2.5 million criminal cases, he said. According to Shklyaruk, the interior Ministry “not the best transparency of this system.”

“4.2 thousand in unregistered police statements is that not logged and revealed that the Prosecutor’s office after the complaint of the citizen. It turns out the drop in the sea, — the expert believes. — Police officers can in words to say that will deal with the message about the incident, but in fact not to give the applicant his room. Then to prove that you have stated to the authorities it is impossible. Often the police do not take statements on crimes that are difficult to disclose, or record them after the fact failed to disclose”.

Shklyaruk said that to identify the real crime of the Ministry of interior conducts special victimization surveys of the population, however, publish their results in fragments, in the end, the overall picture of crime in the country no one.

“We don’t know what percentage of the total crime rate is 2.5 million prosecutions. Different criminologists estimate actual crime from 4 million to 20 million cases a year, that is, official statistics underestimated whether in two, or almost ten times” — calculated the expert.

The former head of the interior Ministry Alexander Mikhailov said that the problem of red tape with registration of applications and closure of unfinished business connected with the question of the competence of grassroots police. The police in the police Department are often not ready to deal with technically complicated cases, he said.