Shot two people on Rochdelskaya counsel acknowledged the victim

The Tver court of capital on Monday has considered the question of extending the arrest Kochanova (known in the criminal world as Italian) and Eduard Romanov, whom the investigation considers approximate known reputable businessman Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Young). Ultimately, the court extended the arrest of Coconova until December 15.

According to investigators, Kochunov and Novels on behalf of Kalashov demanded that the owner of the restaurant Elements, located on Rochdelskaya street in Moresque Jeanne Kim paid designer Fatima Misikova 8 million rubles. for the repair and decoration of the restaurant.

In court, Kochunov reported that Budantsev, who participated in the investigation by Kim and shot during a fight two people recognized as a victim in the case of extortion.

Lawyers Budantseva, in turn, refused to comment on the situation, but also did not refute the statement Kochanova.

According to the materials of the case, the fight with the shooting occurred on Rochdelskaya 14 Dec 2015. Into the restaurant came a group of people — representatives of contractors, repair establishments. They were accompanied by fighters of the chop. Their negotiations with Kim took place in the vip room and continued for several hours. During this time, the restaurant came the designer herself misikova and Italian. According to SPARK, he owns a design company “Carnation”. In this firm worked misikova, said a source close to the investigation. Kim called in by the police to the restaurant arrived district police officer, detective, police station “Presnya”, and also lawyer Edward Budantsev three companions.

As told one of the sources close to the investigation, the negotiations moved from a peaceful stage for a fight after Budantsev confronted by Kochanova. All negotiators went outside where a fight broke out with the shooting, during which the lawyer shot two people Kochanova.

After the events at the restaurant Kochunov and Novels were taken into custody. Initially, they were charged with hooliganism, and later it was changed several times — the last time — the article 163 of the Criminal code (extortion). Budantsev was imprisoned on house arrest.

When inspecting the crime scene the police found the identity of the FSB in the name of Budantseva. The record of this is in the official record of the search which was conducted in the café on the night of December 15, police officers Presnya, says a source close to the investigation. But the certificate itself later disappeared from the case as mobile phone Budantseva, says another interviewee close to the law enforcement.

As told by one of his former colleagues, Budantsev never served in the FSB. It is known that he started to work at 9-the KGB — was involved in the protection of the first persons, including guarding Eduard Shevardnadze. Then worked in the police under the leadership of Vladimir Rushailo.

In 2009 received the status of lawyer, the official registry of the chamber of advocates of the Moscow region. Now he is the head of the Collegium of advocates “Dictatorship of law”. In most colleagues, almost all employees — ex-workers of law enforcement bodies, says one of the former employees of the organization.