The EU has promised to fundamentally change relations with Russia

After an informal dinner with foreign Ministers of the EU, Mogherini responded to journalists ‘ questions, including about relations with Russia, the official journal of the EU. She stressed that Brussels “takes a principled stand in connection with the illegal annexation of Crimea and the situation in Ukraine.” According to Mogherini, but this position will not change “regardless of how to change policies in other countries.”

The EU high representative stressed that relations with Russia must be seen in black and white, pointing out that Brussels is ready to talk with Moscow on various international issues. “On the one hand there is the constructive dialogue on a number of matters. On the other hand, there is our principled position on Ukraine and the conflict situations on our East”.

Mogherini also expressed hope of expanding the Euro-Atlantic partnership with the United States. In this regard, she invited the future Secretary of state for a new meeting of foreign Ministers of the EU countries.

Also the EU high representative responded to the question, afraid if she less attention from Washington to the defence of the European Union. Mogherini said that he expects in the near future to find out what will be the policy of the new administration.