The Pro-Russian candidate won the presidential election in Bulgaria

The results of the processing 99,33% of the ballots suggests that the former pilot of the Bulgarian air force who positioned himself as a supporter of improving relations with Russia, rumen Radev won the presidential elections in Bulgaria. This was reported by Bulgarian national television, citing data from the CEC.

Radev enlisted the support 59,35% of the vote or more than 2 million Bulgarians, while his main rival — the candidate of the center-right party Tsetska Tsacheva scored 36,17% (about 1 million 200 thousand votes). More than 150 thousand people have voted against all.

Earlier Radeva victory in the presidential election showed actipole. This means that on January 22, he will assume the duties of the President of Bulgaria, which will take over the next five years, according to Reuters.

Immediately after the announcement of exit polls, Prime Minister of Bulgaria Boyko Borisov announced the resignation of the government. Officially resignation of the current Cabinet will be announced November 14 at a meeting of the Parliament.

A former officer of the Bulgarian air force Radev, who is now 60 years, in the course of your campaign enjoyed the support of the Socialist party of the country. The main topics of the election campaign Radeva was anti-corruption rhetoric and a promise to fight illegal migration.

Tsacheva and her supporters called Radeva “Pro-Russian candidate,” as he announced plans to improve relations with Moscow and has advocated the removal of Russia from sanctions of the European Union.He Radev said that is not going to change foreign policy, which allowed Bulgaria to join NATO and the EU.